The Powerful Self

The Powerful Self – a Workshop for Young Men

A fun and nourishing workshop that offers young men the opportunity to step in to their best selves.

In the course of this fully interactive workshop we will…

  • Unpack and look at everything that we’ve received about what it is to be a man
  • Create our own individual visions for our masculinity
  • Gain skills and tools to help us better identify and communicate our feelings
  • Experience the practice of giving and receiving empathy and compassion

We invite young men to take ownership of their masculinity. To shed the baggage and envision their own way of being – The Powerful Self – for a future that feels authentic and empowered.

This isn’t about imposing ideas or values on young men, or reiterating to them the minimum expectations that society holds for them and their conduct. Here we set the stage for thinking, feeling, questioning, exploring, listening, and sharing. The Powerful Self is about giving young men an experience that will help them actively and positively engage with their journey as men, and so be a part of positive social change.

Using a series of interactive exercises, we shine a light on a new way of being. We embed new insights, skills, and tools so that participants can go forward embodying their Powerful Self. In doing so, they honour their own feelings and values and help those around them to do the same.

Duration: 3 hours

Ages: 12-14, 15-17, 18-21