About Brotherhood

52% of us proceed through life as men. But how many of us have ever been invited to explore what that means? And where is the safe space for us to openly share and discuss issues that pertain specifically to our lives as men? Such a space would be so enriching for all young men, and the statistics (click here) paint a picture of an acute societal need for this type of care.

  • “What comes to mind when you hear the words “man” and “masculinity”? How do you feel about this?”
  • “What are your personal hopes for your future as a man in society?”
  • “How can we best equip ourselves for this journey?”

Brotherhood invites young men to explore these types of ideas with authenticity through fun, engaging, fully interactive workshops.

This experience offers participants a new perspective and reference point for what it can mean to relate to others. To speak from the heart; to share; to give and receive empathy and compassion; and to gain a greater understanding of the universality of our feelings. This quality of connection is deeply nourishing for individuals and for communities.

By holding these spaces, Brotherhood offers the opportunity for young men to learn how to take charge of their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.